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 In the early 1950’s the American Pop Charts were dominated by the remnants of the big band era including

vocalists such as Doris Day, Frankie Lane, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney and Nat King Cole, and band/

orchestral leaders, as Mitch Miller, Percy Faith, Billy Vaughn.  The Rhythm & Blues Charts featured  Black

artists playing to a  predominately African-American audience in

urban centersand the south. Cleveland, Ohio radio Disc Jockey

Alan Freed was among the exceptions with his "Moondog Show"

where he would spin street cornor doo-wop and up-tempo rhythm

& blues hits, with an aim at an audience of both the "Baby

Booming" budge of white and black teenagers. Freed-- among

others--eventually  named this cross- breeding of musical styles--

electric blues, boogie, jazz, gospel, R&B vocal groups and country-

-and influences: "Rock'n'Roll."  For the remainder of the decade it

was the mainstay...

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