The Music Of The 70s 

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By the 1970’s the dominant theme within and outside of the American Pop

Charts was fragmentation.  The Oneness was coming undone.  Pre-teens

were being brought into the fold with their Bubble-Gum music and new

teenie bopper idols; while the older crew were drifting into the Lps, long-

jam blues, Punk, and Folk/Protest/Singer-Songwriter pieces that were less

likely to make the Top 40 chartings; while urban youth danced the night away

to Disco–with extended play disks that could pulsate on for 8-10-12 minutes.

 The single as THE means of determining popularity was dwindling in importance; rapidly.  AM radio

with THE program–Top 40–was fading as THE focal point.  The writing was on the preverbal wall…

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