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With the dawn of the decade of “dominance by the young,” the American Pop Charts were in a near total

take over by Elvis and the hoard of the hoped-upfreaked-out that followed.  The Rhythm & Blues Charts,

for a moment, werecollapsed.  All youth were near becoming a Oneness.  The Youth Culture spun  and

embracing it all (if it was hip):

 Motown, Soul, Garage Rock, Surf/Hot Rod sounds, cross-over

Country & Western, blues, touches of jazz, and rock- abilly, teen

idols and doo-wop hold-overs; as well as the game-changers:

the Beatles, Stones and that"British Invasion"--that hoard that

returned American Rock'n'Roll to the US with a delightful

twist--and then there was Bob Dylan and the expansion of

verbal expression, and Psychedelic/ Space/Prog/Fusion audio

expansion and visual presentation.  The Western world will

NOT in our lifetime experience such a wealth of possibilities...

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